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Welcome to Meditrac

Rapid lower back and neck pain relief 3D traction devices, offer rapid rehabilitation and return to work with improved well-being and quality of life.  Meditrac's devices provide an answer to sciatica, herniated (slipped) discs, scoliosis, whiplash, wry neck (torticollis) and other neck and back injuries, often negating the need for neck or back surgery.

Being laid up and off work with back pain can be excruciating and the road to recovery, often painfully slow. Not any more!  

Meditrac provides neck and back 3D traction treatment using a revolutionary breakthrough technology.  Today, more than ever, patients want exceptional physiotherapy with fast pain relief and rapid results; equipment portability and a positive customer experience are key.  Meditrac meets these demands with our innovative physical therapy approach and devices, without the need for surgery in a majority of cases.         

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For lower back pain relief due to sciatica, slipped or herniated discs, scoliosis (with the DBS Scoliosis Rail attachment) and other injuries


For neck pain relief from whiplash, wry neck (torticollis) and other injuries

DBS Scoliosis Rail

For scoliosis treatment

Revolutionary 3D traction devices to treat most back and neck pain caused by sciatica, slipped discs (herniated discs), scoliosis, whiplash, wry neck (torticollis) and other causes, often negating the need for neck or back surgery.

Shows girl undergoing Cervico2000 treatment whilst on her laptop Meditrac's 3D traction devices include Vertetrac, DBS Scoliosis Rail, Cervico2000, pads and carry bag